• The Titantics

    (1961) The Titantics (L to R ) Roy Smith, LeRoy Harper, Tommie Shannon & Paul Weeden Jr.


    The Titantics (Indianapolis, In.)

    Personnel :

    Roy Smith (Lead)

    LeRoy Harper

    Tommy Shannon

    Paul Weeden Jr.

    Discography :

    The Cassidy Sisters & The Titantics
    1958 - Rockin' At The Hop / Stardust Waltz (Hop 505)

    Biography :

    The Titanics were one of the many groups that were part of the R&B scene in Indianapolis in the 1950s. Members of the group are: Raymond Smith, LeRoy Harper, Tommy Shannon and Paul Weeden. Formed in 1956, they received their big chance while appearing on the Matt Dickerson Teenage Talent Shows back in the early 50s on stage at the Walker Ballroom.

    The Titantics
    (1957) The Titantics

    They have performed for Milt Nixon, Ted Mack, Terminal Bar of Music, Indiana Fairgrounds, Flamingo Supper club, Carver Center, Kokomo, and have wailed with Sam Cook, vocalist; the combos of Cy "Floor Show" Jones, Willis "Mr. Hammond" Dyer, Harry Farlen, Count Fisher, Jimmie Coe, Cantrell Mitzs and Duke Hampton, and have done background singing for the Cassidy Sisters on the Hop label in Cincy in January, 1958.

    The Titantics    The Titantics
                                                                            The Cassidy Sisters

    The Cassidy Sisters including Shari, Patsy, and Anita Cassidy. The Cassidy Sisters recorded two singles at Solid Gold and Hop Records, two labels of Indiana.

    Songs :

    Rockin' At The Hop

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