• The Vestelles  

    The Vestelles (New York)

    Personnel :

    Darnell Jessamay (Lead)

    Bunny Brown

    Barbara Cochran

    Barbara Fork

    Gloria Jackson


    Discography :

    1958 - Come Home / Ditta Wa Do (Decca 30733)

    Biography :

    Girls vocal group from New York consisted of Darnell Jessamay (Lead), Bunny Brown, Barbara Cochran, Barbra Fork and Gloria Jackson. In 1958, The girls recorded for Decca Records "Come Home"and "Ditta Wa Do" both written by John Bowden. John Bowden was a gospel record producer, A&R and promotion man, who was very active in the 1960s and 70’s and most famously associated with HOB and Ark, two gospel labels affiliated with Scepter Records, New York. Darnell Jessamay. would later join as lead singer a group known as "Darnell & The Dreams" and record "The Day Before Yesterday" b/w ""I Had A Love" (West Side #1020) .

    Songs :

    Come Home                                       Ditta Wa Do



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