• The Edsels (Campbell, Ohio)
    (By Hans-Joachim)


    Personnel :

    George Jones Jr. (Lead)

    Harry Green (Baritone)

    Larry Green (Tenor)

    James Reynolds (Tenor)

    Marshall Sewell (Bass)


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1958 – Lama Rama Ding Dong (aka Rama Lama Ding Dong) / Bells (Dub 2843)
    1959 - Do You Love Me? / Rink-A-Dink-I-Do (Roulette 4151)
    1960 - What Brought Us Together? / Don't Know What To Do (Tammy 1010)
    1961 - Rama Lama Ding Dong / Bells (Twin 700)
    1961 - Three Precious Words / Let's Go (Tammy 1014 / Ember 1078)
    1961 - The girl i love / Got to find out about love (Tammy 1023)
    1961 - Count the tears / Twenty four hours (Tammy 1027)
    1961 - My Jealous One / Bone Shaker Joe (Capitol 4588)
    1962 - Could It Be? / My Wisperling Heart (Dot 16311)
    1962 - Shake, Shake, Sherry / If Your Pilow Could Talk (Capitol 4675)
    1962 - Shaddy Daddy Dip Dip / Don't You Feel? (Capitol 4836)
    1968 - Hide And Seek / Another Lonely Night  (Tammy 1031)

    Unreleased :
    N/A - Born In Mexico
    N/A - Love Makes The World Go Round
    N/A - Hide And Go Seek
    N/A - Hide And Seek
    N/A - Give Me Love


    Biography :

    A brief encounter with fame came for the Edsels when they recorded the doo wop masterpiece "Rama Lama Ding Dong." Originally released in 1959, the single became a hit some three years after its initial release, thanks to the efforts of diligent record collectors and disc jockeys.

    Edsels with Dick Clark on Bandstand

    Taking their name from Ford's legendary failed automobile, the Edsels formed in the tiny mill town of Campbell, OH, in the late '50s. The group consisted of lead vocalist George Jones, Jr., James Reynolds, Marshall Sewell, Harry Greene, and Larry Greene.


    The group auditioned for a local Ohio music publisher in 1958. Through the publisher, the group landed a record deal with the small Dub Records. The first pressings on Dub Records were mislabeled "Lama Rama Ding Dong.""Rama Lama Ding Dong" became a local hit, but made no impact nationally. The Edsels' first single was a song Jones had written, "Rama Lama Ding Dong."


    In 1961, disc jockeys began playing the song again because it sounded similar to the Marcels' current hit, "Blue Moon." Within a few months, the single was re-released on Twin Records -- this time with the correct song title -- and it quickly scaled the pop charts, peaking at number 21.

    Ironically, the group had broken up by the time "Rama Lama Ding Dong" became a hit in 1961.
    Stephen Thomas Erlewine & Cub Koda, All Music Guide



    Lama Rama Ding Dong                   Bells                          Do You Love Me?

    Rink-A-Dink-I-Do              What Brought Us Together?      Don't Know What To Do

    Three Precious Words                 Let's Go                     The Girl I Love

    Got To Find Out Above Love         Count The Tears             Twenty Four Hours

    My Jealous One                   Bone Shaker Joe                   Could It Be?

    My Whispering Heart             Shake, Shake, Sherry         If Your Pilow Could Talk

    Shaddy Daddy Dip Dip              Don't You Feel?                Born In Mexico

    Love Makes The World Go Round      Hide And Go Seek             Give Me Love

    Hide And Go Seek (unrel. vers.)


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