• The Shadows (1) (New Haven, Connecticut)
    (By Hans-Joachim) (Photos courtesy of Marv Goldberg)


    Scott King (Lead)

    Raymond Reid (Tenor)

    Sam McClure (Baritone)

    Jasper Edwards (Bass)

    Bobby Buster (Arranger & Pianist)


    1949 - I’ve Been A Fool / Nobody Knows (Lee 200)
    1950 - I’d Rather Be Wrong Than Blue / You Are Closer To My Heart (Lee 202)
    1950 - Don’t Blame My Dreams / I’m Crying Cause You’re Laughing At Me (Lee 207)
    1950 - Jitterbug Special / I’ll Never, Never Let You Go (Sittin’ In With 583)
    1951 - Don’t Be Late / Beans (Sittin’ In With 590)
    1952 - Coon Can Annie / It's Too Bad (Sittin’ In With 627)
    1953 - No Use / Stay (Decca 28765)
    1953 - Don’t Be Bashful / Tell Her (Decca 48307)
    1954 - Better Than Gold / Big Mouth Mama (Decca 48322)


    Scott King, Jasper Edwards, Sam McClure, and Raymond Reid had been performing in the New York City and Philadelphia club circuit without much success when, in late 1949, a former officer in the U.S. Army named Ed Levy was impressed with their sound and offered to become their manager. Levy shortly secured a recording contract for the group with Lee Records, one of the many small New York independents that were starting up in the late ‘40s.


    The Shadows’ first single, “I've Been a Fool,” failed to break out, however, and the follow-up, “You Are Closer to My Heart Than My Shadow,” failed to ignite any interest in the group, though it was later covered by the Delta Rhythm Boys. After Levy was called back to military service with the outbreak of hostilities in Korea, the Shadows moved over to the Sittin’ in With label, who were based in Los Angeles.


    In October 1950, the SIW label issued a new single, but after fulfilling their contractual commitments, the group decided to call it quits. Two-and-a-half-years later - in June of 1953 - Decca Records signed Scott King & the Shadows, who had not recorded in three years. The label had seen the growing interest in R&B music and watched New York-based Atlantic (and others) move into R&B successfully, so it followed suit. Unfortunately, both singles failed to sell and by the end of the year, the Shadows decided to call it a day.
    Bryan Thomas, All Music Guide



    I've Been A Fool                Nobody Knows         I'd Rather Be Wrong Than Blue

    You Are Closer To My Heart     Don't Blame My Dreams     I'm Crying Cause...

    Jitterbug Special       I'll Never, Never Let You Go             Don’t Be Late

    Beans                           Coon Can Annie                        It's Too Bad

    No Use                                     Stay                        Don’t Be Bashful

    Tell Her                            Better Than Gold                     Big Mouth Mama



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