• The Four Cal-Quettes aka The Four Coquettes

    The Four Cal-Quettes  (Los Angels, CA)
    aka The Four Coquettes



    Judi Hersh

    Carol McConkey

    Muffy Cohan

    Mary Anne Lucas



    The Four Coquettes
    1961 - Sparkle And Shine / In This World (Capitol 4534)

    The Four Cal-Quettes
    1961 - Star Bright / Billy My Billy (Capitol 4574)
    1961 - I'm Gonna Love Him Anyway / Most Of All (Capitol 4657)
    1962 - I'll Never Come Back / Again (Capitol 4725)
    1963 - Movie Magazines / I Cried (Liberty 55549)


    Biography :

    The Four Coquettes  formed at Los Angels, CA. Their first recordings were “Sparkle And Shine" "In This World” after they changed their name to the Four Cal-Quettes. The girls had a number of popular songs in 1961 that appeared at the top of the pop charts.   They appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand.

    "I'll Never Come Back (Silly Boy)" is the answer song to The Letterman's hit, 'Come Back Silly Girl' and it's the last of their Capitol singles and probably their best double-sider has Jimmie Haskell's larger than life string arrangement blending perfectly with the girls' beautiful harmonies. Both Jimmie Haskell and Stu Phillips could really assemble a beautiful string arrangement.


    "Movie Magazines" / "I Cried" (Liberty 55549), this 1963 release is the last of the group's five singles and the only one issued on the Liberty label. Judi Hersh, Carol McConkey, Muffy Cohan, Mary Anne Lucas cut this single at Hollywood's Gold Star Studio.

    With a nod toward the sound of Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans' 'Zip-A-Dee Doo Dah', the sparse but echo laden arrangement get's a wallop of sound with a drum fill at the end of each bar of music. More than likely the girls split up after this recording to go to college or get married. Unfortunately these sweet vocal harmonies spilling out of the grooves would be the group's 'swan song' to the music biz.


    Songs :

    Again                                         I Cried                                Most Of All

                    Star Bright               I'll Never Come Back (Silly Boy)



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