• The Four Troys  aka The Four Dots (1)
    The Four Dots : Marvin Brown, Fletcher Williams, Melvin Peters and Kenneth Miller

    The Four Dots (1)  (Pittsburgh, PA)
    aka The Four Troys


    Personnel :

    Kenny Jackson (First Tenor)

    Melvin Peters (Second Tenor)

    Manning Rosemont (Baritone)

    Marvin Brown (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Four Dots (1)
    1956 - Rita  / He Man Looking For A She Girl (Bullseye 103)

    Fletcher Williams & The Four Dots (1)
    1956 - Peace Of Mind / Kiss Me Sugar Plum (Bullseye 104)

    The Four Troys
    Singles :
    1959 - In The Moonlight / Suddenly You Want To Dance (Freedom 44013)
    1959 - Weeping Willow (Freedom)

    Fletcher Williams
    1957 - Mary Lou / Stop Look And Love Me (Bullseye 1001)


    Biography :

    They Started as the Mellows around 1950, in the Hill and Homewood sections of Pittsburgh, PA. The original group did not have Marvin Brown included in it......because they hadn't found him yet. When they did, it was Fletcher Williams, Edgar Lee, Melvin Peters, Kenneth Miller and Marvin Brown . They changed their name to the five Mellows, and sang much of the standard fare of the R+B groups in the early and mid 50's.

    The Four Troys  aka The Four Dots (1)
    The Five Mellows : Edgar Lee, Melvin Peters, Fletcher Williams, Kenneth Miller and Marvin Brown

    They changed their name again,this time to the Four Dots, Edgar Lee left (and some additional swapping of members), and had one recording session in early 1956 with Bullseye records. They recorded four songs,"Rita","He Man Looking For A She Girl","Peace Of Mind","Kiss Me Sugar Plum." The first two were released as Bullseye 103. It was played locally in the Pittsburgh area, but didn't get play nationally. The second release pair the last two, Peace Of Mind", and "Kiss Me Sugar Plum." Same result. The story has some twists.

    The Four Troys  aka The Four Dots (1)   

    A different group from California, called the Four Dots, was signed to a Liberty records subsidiary, Freedom, in 1959. This group had Jewel Akens, Jerry Stone and Eddie Cochran as members, and released two 45's. That label also signed the Marvin Brown based Four Dots. You can't have two of the same named artists on a label, so the "Original Four Dots" became the Four Troys. They issued "In The Moonlight" and "Suddenly You Want To Dance" on Freedom 44013 in 1959. Melvin Peters also worked with the Del Vikings and Marcels. In the early 1960's, he joined Chuck Jackson and the Motown group The Originals. Then it was back home as a Headliner. He spent the seventies working with Solid Gold, Flashback, and the Katch. Now he's with a Cleveland group called Mellow Class.



    The Four Dots (1)
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

                Rita                        He Man Looking For A She Girl         Peace Of Mind     

    Kiss Me Sugar Plum

    The Four Troys

          In The Moonlight                       Suddenly You Want To Dance

    Fletcher Williams

               Mary Lou                                Stop Look And Love Me



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