• The Kenjolairs
    Ken Mowery

    The Kenjolairs (Los Angeles, Ca)

    Personnel :

    Ken Mowery

    Larry New

    Joe Campbell

    Discography :

    1962 - Little White Lies / The Story of an Evergreen Tree (A & M 704)
    1963 - Such a Good Night for Dreaming / When It Comes to Loving You (A & M 708)

    Biography :

    Ken Mowery  was part of The Fascinations with Dave Walker, Tom Holder, Dave Bilgen and Chuck Stansfield . They recorded "If I Had Your Love" arranged by Paxton and "Why". It sold a few copies, but didn't make the charts. The song was distributed nationally by another Hollywood label : Dore, formed by Herb Newman and Lou Bedell as a companion to their Era label. The Fascinations broke up the following year. Sometime in 1962 or 63 Ken Mowery and Chuck Stansfield with a friend and fellow Townsmen Larry New, were going into Hollywood to meet a new promoter.

    The Kenjolairs    The Kenjolairs 
    Ken Mowery                                                                                          

     They met a guy that had just come back from a year spent in Mexico. He had formed a band, and played the trumpet.  He also had just released a novelty song . He seemed to know a lot about music. His name was Herb Alpert of the soon to be major recording stars The Tijuana Brass.  Herb then went on to develop the very popular and prosperous A & M records Production Co.   He was just beginning and was looking for talent to produce music. Finally Chuck Stansfield decided to quit music because he was engaged to be married and was working full time.

      The Kenjolairs   The Kenjolairs
                                                                                                              Herb Alpert

    Ken & Larry went on to form a group adding Joe Campbell and called themselves the KenJoLairs. They signed with Herb Alpert and produced their first song “Those Little White Lies”   It broke the top 50 charts and sold some copies.  Herb, unlike Paxton was a very good producer, his arrangements and recording talents were excellent. They recorded several more songs with Herb but none made the big time.  

    Songs :

                Little White Lies                Such A Good Night For Dreaming

    When It Comes To Loving You              Story of The Evergreen Tree   





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