• The Runaways (3)

    The Runaways (3) (New York)


    Personnel :

    Bill Reichert (Lead)

    Joey Gioia

    Tony Petrocelli

    Sam Wood


    Discography :

    Single :
    1963 - Kangaroo Hop / Teenage Style (Teensound 1924)

    Unreleased :
    1963 - Laughing (With Tears in My Heart) (Teensound)
    1963 - Shake (Teensound)

    Biography :

    Group led by Bill Reichert (later with the Long Island Group The Dedications and Pittsburgh group The Holidays) In picture above, original members L to R - Bill Reichert, Joey Gioia, Tony Petrocelli (Florence Zagari's son), and Sam Wood who was later with the Sparrows Quartet. There was a 2nd unreleased record from this session - "Laughing with Tears in my Heart" and "Shake" which were later released on Ed Engel's label, Crystal Ball Records. Additional credit should also go to Rocco Zagari, Florence's husband who backed his wife's endeavors and loved the music. The group was originally called The Runarounds and toured as such for over a year performing throughout the tri-state area. The week before Kangaroo Hop was going to press and production, The Regents of Barbara Ann fame, changed their name to the Runarounds and released their record titled Runaround...thus the name change to The Runaways.

    Songs :

    Laughing With Tears In My Heart / Shake

    Teenage Style                                 Kangaroo Hop


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