• The Doodlers (2)  
     Seated is Wehlan McPherson - Left to right : Randy Williams, Jay Hoyle, Don Florey

    The Doodlers (2) (Longview, Texas)


    Personnel :

    Wehlan McPherson (First Tenor)

    Don Florey (Second Tenor)

    Jay Hoyle (Baritone)

    Randy Williams (Bass)



    Discography :

     1958 - Linda sue / Solitude (Quality K1765/Jones 1001)
    1958 - The Dangerous Dangeroo / It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (Jones 1002)

    Biography :

    The Doodlers, formerly the "Four Fresh boys" composed of a quartet of former Longview High school students. They listened to many of the pop vocal groups and jazz ensembles of the day, and aspired to sound similar to them. Thanks to an innovative high school choir director, the Doodlers actually met in choir and then formed their own group. Fortunately, William T Jones of the Jones Apothecary (drug stores) in the Houston area, had a chance to hear them perform.

    Randy Williams, Jay Hoyle, Don Florey and Wehlan McPherson                                                                                                                          

    He liked their sound and signed them to a recording and management contract. The Doodlers played some local venues, and then were carted off to Chicago to get choreographed and start performing in the night clubs of the windy city. Along the way, the Doodlers cut two records. The first sold well in the midwest and beyond, and was called Linda Sue.

                                  Randy Williams, Jay Hoyle, Don Florey and Wehlan McPherson                     

    WIND radio DJ Howard Miller gave it a ton of spins. There was a second record called the Dangerous Dangeroo. They had a chance to sing with Elvis Presley once in Kileen, Texas, and it must have been an unforgettable experience. They toured all over the country, mostly in their own station wagon.

    Songs :
    updated by Hans-Joachim)

    The Dangerous Dangeroo                           Linda sue

    It's A Sin To Tell A Lie                          Solitude






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