• Tom Caterino & Lou Pesce

    The Starfires (3) (South Bronx, New York)
    Ref : Larry & The Standards (1)


    Personnel :

    Tommy Bogdany (Lead)

    Joe Formato (Baritone)

    Lou Pesce (First Tenor)

    Tom Caterino (Second Tenor)


    Discography :

    1962 - Under the Stars / Fools Fall in Love (Duel 518)


    Biography :

    There were several groups called The Starfires. This group recorded "Under the Stars"/ b/w" Fools Fall in Love". The single was recorded in 1962 with Tommy Bogdany (Lead), Joe Formato (Baritone), Lou Pesce (First Tenor) and Tom Caterino (Second Tenor) . Tom Caterino and Lou Pesce sang previously with Larry & The Standards. Tommy Bogdany co-wrote "Shout Shout" with Ernie Maresca, who had a hit with that song. The Starfires signed with Duel records and their short career ended with the "British Invasion" aka The Beatles. Their manager was Freddy Parker with Duel records.
    Thank to Tom Caterino

    Songs :

    Fools Fall in Love                               Under the Stars

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