• Tony & The Technics (Detroit)

    Personnel :

    Othea George (Tenor/Lead)

    Willie "Tony" Ewing (First Tenor)

    Gabriel Garrett (Baritone & Bass)

    C.Washingtons (Baritone)

    Discography :

    Tony & The Technics

    1963 - Ha ha He Told You / Workout With A Pretty Girl (Chex 1010)

    The Technics
    1963 - Because I Really Love You / A Man’s Confession (Chex 1012)
    1963 - Hey Girl Don’t Leave Me / I Met Her On The First Of September (Chex 1013)

    Tony Ewing
    1963 - Every Dog Has His Day / Drum Drum Deeda (Chex 1016)

    Biography :

    Chex records would have been a distinctly minor footnote in R&b history had it not been for the Volumes catchy and memorable 1962 hit, "I love You". Chex was the Brainchild of Detroiter, Willie "Tony" Ewing, a sharp young producer who fashioned a handful of gritty pre-soul singles on a shoestring budget.

    Willie "Tony" Ewing

    Donald Richards, A former member of the legendary Twilighters on JVB and Spin, cut "I cried for you"/"Hello Operator" in the winter of 1962. Although Ewing Stated that the Volumes backed Richards on this session (released as Chex 1003), Richards and Ewing both sang with the Twilighters.
    They waxed "It's a possibility" for Mike Hanks in 1959, then recorded for Chex under the Name "Tony & the Technics" in the Winter of 1963.

    "Ha ha He Told You" / "Workout With A Pretty Girl" by Tony & the Technics got good airplay in Detroit. Othea George was Tenor and main lead of the Technics; Willie "Tony" Ewing, first tenor; Gabriel Garrett, Baritone & Bass, and C.Washingtons was the Baritone. Their Next single was "A Man’s Confession" for Chex, then they called themselves the Four Voices on several neat soul 45s for Ewing (the best was "we live in the ghetto") in the mid-sixties.

    The group toured Michigan and Canada and was featured on the local club circuit.
    Don Fileti

    Songs :

    Ha ha He Told You               Workout With A Pretty Girl

    CD :

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