• The Echoes (1) aka Vinny and Kenny aka The Lonely Boys aka Vito & Vittorio...
    Vincent Catalano

    The Echoes (1) (Bronx, New York)
    aka Vinny and Kenny aka The Lonely Boys aka Vito & Vittorio aka the Trickles/The Trickels



    Kenny Kuluga

    Vincent Catalano


    Discography :

    The Echoes (1)
    1957 - Ding Dong / My Heart Beats For You (Gee 1028)

    The Lonely Boys   
    1959 - A Spoken Letter / My Girl (Nu-Way 55)

    Vinny & Kenny
    1959 - School Time / Who (Is The Girl) (Fire 1005)

    Vito & Vittorio
    1961 - Sleepy Eyes / Twilight (Goldisc 3022)

     ---------------------- ??? -----------------------

    The Trickles
    1958 - With Each Step "A Tear" / When I Fall In Love (Power 250)

    The Trickels
    1958 - With Each Step "A Tear" / Outside Chapel Door (Gone 5078)


    Biography :

    Vincent Catalano was born in New London, Connecticut. His first recording effort was as a member of the Echoes who did "Ding Dong" on Gee Records in 1956, a cover of the Packards' original on the Pla-Bac label. Kenny Kuluga was the lead singer of the Echoes. Having recorded for Gee, Catalano was able to develop a relationship with label owner George Goldner and subsequently placed a number of his songs with him. Vincent Catalano & Kenny Kuluga wrote many songs and recorded them under many pseudonyms like Vinny and Kenny, The Lonely Boys, Vito And Vittorio and and it would appear that Vincent and Kenny  are part of the Trickles/The Trickels.

    The Echoes (1) aka Vinny and Kenny aka The Lonely Boys aka Vito & Vittorio...   The Echoes (1) aka Vinny and Kenny aka The Lonely Boys aka Vito & Vittorio...

    Catalano served as an A&R (Artist & Repertoire) director at 20th Century Fox and its Studio subsidiary where he also placed some of his acts. He co-owned C&A Records with Pete Alonzo. He was the A&R man at Cheer Records. He then started Wilshire Records. Catalano also worked with groups on the Whale and Mermaid labels. Catalano was registered with BMI and SESAC and wrote under a number of different names, including his mothers’. Despite Catalano's extensive experience writing and working with various acts he only had one song that approached being a national hit and that was "Coney Island Baby" recorded by the Excellents. It was issued in April of 1962 on Blast Records and reached No. 51 on "Billboard." The song did much better in regional markets such as New York City where it was played extensively and sold well to the point where there were several pressings issued. His last label would be Hammer Record.



    The Echoes (1)

              Ding Dong                             My Heart Beats For You

    The Lonely Boys   

    A Spoken Letter                                         My Girl       

    Vinny & Kenny

      School Time                                 Who (Is The Girl)


     ---------------------- ??? -----------------------

    The Trickles / Trickels

    With Each Step "A Tear"            When I Fall In Love              Outside Chapel Door    


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