• The Romancers (4)
    Thearthur Robinson

    The Romancers (4) (New York)


    Personnel :

    Thearthur Robinson

    James Harris

    Roosevelt Ross

    James Shannon


    Discography :

    1960 - Jumpin' Jungle / Moody (Palette 5067)
    1961 - It Only Happens With You / Addio Maria (Palette 5075 / Mediaval 202)
    1961 - That Lucky Old Sun / Hard Head (Palette 5085)
    1962 - Marie That's You / What About Love (Palette 5095)


    Biography :

    Thearthur Robinson Thearthur Robinson, Arthur Robinson, Art Robins Born in South Norfolk County (which later became Chesapeake), and raised on Liberty Street there, 17 year old, Robinson left the Tidewater area in 1956 to seek better opportunities up North.  He landed a job at a Staten Island hospital doing maintenance. One day while sweeping, singing to pass the time faster, he was heard by a young woman whose brother was in a Doo Wop group. Soon, a meeting was set up and next thing he knew, Thearthur Robinson from Virginia, was in a New York singing group called, The Romancers.

    The Romancers (4)    The Romancers (4)

    The Romancers featured tight harmonies and soaring vocals, with several members taking turn singing lead. The group had a series of songs recorded on Palette Records. (These Romancers were an East Coast group not to be confused with a West Coast group of the same name during the same period or another East Coast group which later became known as The Dreamers). Not only did Robinson sing lead on songs like, “Hard Head,” but he was also writing songs with the group like, “It Only Happens With You.”  Eventually, Robinson found himself with The Ad-Libs, a singing group which had been surviving off a hit record, “The Boy From New York City.” The new Ad-Libs were on AGP Records and consisted of Arthur Robinson, Irene Baker, Hugh Harris, Rose Myers and David Watt. Also joining the lineup was Chris Bartley. The group got involved with a highly talented and prolific writer/producer by the name of Van McCoy.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Addio Maria                                  Jumpin' Jungle

    It Only Happens With You                            Hard Head         

    What About Love                                      Moody     


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