• The Charmers (4)  ref: The Van Dykes (2) ref: The Temptations (1)

    The Charmers (4) (Brooklyn, NY)
    ref: The Van Dykes (2)
    ref: The Temptations (1)


    Personnel :

    Inez Williams (Lead)

    Mike Cruz (First Tenor)

    Tony Rivera (Second Tenor)

    Benny Ortiz (First Tenor)

    Cesar ...

    Julio ...


    Discography :

    1962 - My Kind Of Love / Johnny (Laurie 3142)
    1963 - I Cried / Shy Guy (Laurie 3173)
    1963 - Sweet Talk / Work It Out (Laurie 3203)
    1964 - Looking For Trouble / After You Walk Me Home (Pip 800)
    1965 - Where's The Boy / It's A Funny Way We Met (Louis 6806)


    Biography :

    The Charmers hailed from Brooklyn, Ny. It is unanimous opinion that they recorded both incredibly tender and weepy ballads and some rockin' dance tunes, all filled with tight harmony fronted by a bold and confident female lead. Some of the guys in the group had been members of The Van Dykes, who recored the smooth group harmony ballad "The Bells Are Ringing" for King Records in 1958, a New York area favorite during the revival year of 1961. Due to the renewed interest in the single, Mike Cruz and Tony Rivera from The Imperials and the Van Dykes and Benny Ortiz from The Van Dykes reformed the group, they added Cesar and Julio .

        The Charmers (4)  ref: The Van Dykes (2) ref: The Temptations (1)
    The Van Dykes with Charmers' Mike Cruz ,Tony Rivera and Benny Ortiz                                                                                                    

     Along the way, a new name change occurred and a new member, Inez Williams, was brought in to sing lead. They were called locally the Latino Charmers of Brooklyn, NY. "My Kind Of Love" was their first of three waxings for Laurie records, released in late 1962, coupled with "Johnny" (Laurie 3142). They second single on Laurie is incredible "I Cried" "Shy Guy", all the voices  are just perfect. The Charmers released one more singles after their tenure with Laurie, one on the very short-lived Scepter subsidiary PIP and another on Louis Records rounding out a favorable body of recordings. from 1962 to1965 the personnel could be different since Uncle Sam took his tithe.


    Songs :

    My Kind Of Love                                        Johnny     

    I Cried                                         Shy Guy

    Sweet Talk                                   Work It Out

       Looking For Trouble                         After You Walk Me Home

         Where's The Boy                        It's A Funny Way We Met


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