• The Young Sisters (Detroit)


    Personnel :

    Patti Masaglia

    Lisa Pomilia

    Angela Pomilia



    The Young Sisters
    1962 - Casanova Brown / My Guy (Twirl 2001)
    1963 - Playgirl / Hello Baby (Twirl 2008)

    1964 - She Took His Love Away / Jerry Boy (Mala 467)

    Del Shannon (bb The Young Sisters)
    1962 - Little Town Flirt / The Wamboo (Bigtop 3131)
    1963- Two Kind Of Teardrops / Kelly (Bigtop 3143)
    1963 - Two Silhouettes / My Wild One - London HLX-9761


    Biography :

    The Young Sisters were three italian girls from the east side of Detroit that were discovered by Harry Balk of EmBee Productions, who also managed and produced Del Shannon and Johnny & The Hurricanes. Harry had his staff writer, Maron McKenzie (who co-wrote "Little Town Flirt" and six other tunes with Del Shannon) tailor two songs for the young girl group.  "Casanova Brown" backed with "My Guy", both McKenzie compositions, was released on Balk's own record label, Twirl Records, as #2001. It barely broke into the Billboard Top 100 in September 1962, peaking only at #94. McKenzie started writing "Little Town Flirt" which originally was intended for The Young Sisters. Balk teamed Maron and Del together to co-write. The result? "Flirt" was completed, and Shannon had another single to chart at #12 in January of '63.

                                                                                                                                                             Del Shannon

    Maron swiftly wrote "Playgirl" and "Hello Baby" for the Young Sisters to replace "Flirt" which was originally intended for them as the follow-up.   Irving Micahnik and Harry Balk decided to use the Young Sisters to back Del in the studios on three consecutive singles. This included "Little Town Flirt" b/w "The Wamboo", and "Two Kind of Teardrops" b/w "Kelly". The girls were also used for the third intended single "Two Silhouettes" b/w "My Wild One" on London records. Shannon recorded "From Me To You" while on tour in Britain in May of 1963, and the American singles succession looked a little different than what was intended.  Maron (who goes by Robert McKenzie today) wrote a third single for the girls, "She Took His Love Away" (written with Dick Bossi) b/w "Jerry Boy", released on Mala Records. Patti Young from the group went on to record one single as a solo artist, "Head and Shoulders (Above The Rest)" b/w "The Valiant Kind", produced by Fred Saxon and arranged by Mike Theodore. "Head and Shoulders" went on to become a Northern Soul classic.


    Songs :

    The Young Sisters

    Casanova Brown                                       My Guy      

    Playgirl                                      Hello Baby

    She Took His Love Away                               Jerry Boy            



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