• The Chordells (2) (New York)
    aka The Stereophonics



    Floyd S. Thomas (Lead)

    Norah Thomas


    Discography :

    The Stereophonics
    1958 - Love Is So Wonderful / No More Heartaches (Apt 25003)

    The Chordells (2)
    1959 - At Last / September Song (Jaro 77005)

    Willie Howard & The Chordells (2)
    1958 - Louise / Letter Of Love (Mascot 127)

    Little Chips & The Chordells (2)
    1961 - Amazon Girl / A Little More Love  (Hull 746)


    Biography :

    Group From New York, fronted by Floyd S. Thomas, The Stereophonics cut "Love Is So Wonderful" b/w "No More Heartaches" for Apt. Records in 1958. Apt Records was a sub-label from ABC-Paramount Records. The label was started in 1958 and released only singles until it was shelved in 1966. The name was derived from ABC-Paramount's parent company, American Broadcasting-Paramount Theatres.

    The Next year, the same group cut " At Last" b/w "September Song" for Jaro International under the name of The Chordells.  Jaro was a jazz subsidiary label of Top Rank Records established in 1959 in New York City.

            The Chordells (2) aka The Stereophonics

    At the same time, another group of the same name with a male lead (Little Chip aka Willie Howard) with female backing cut two singles for Hull & Mascot records. Mascot was a subsidiary of Hull. it is quite possible that this is the same group with a few personnel changes and all the Labels : Apt, Jaro, Hull and Mascot are from Manhattan... Waiting info ...


    Songs :

    The Stereophonics

    Love Is So Wonderful                      No More Heartaches

    The Chordells (2)

    September Song                              At Last

    Little Chips & The Chordells (2)

    A Little More Love

    Willie Howard & The Chordells (2)

    Letter Of Love


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