• The Catalinas (9)
    Paul Buff

    The Catalinas (9) (Cucamonga, California)

    Personnel :

    Paul Buff

    Allison Buff

    Discography :

    1964 - Your Tender Lips / Gonna Tell (Original Sound)

    Biography :

    Pal Recording Studio (1957–1964) was an independent recording studio that operated in Cucamonga, California. The studio was started by engineer/innovator Paul Buff. The studio is known for its instrumental Surf music recordings such as "Wipe Out" by The Surfaris and the original demo recording of "Pipeline". Buff’s studio creativity and complete openness in recording musicians of all backgrounds and styles naturally resulted in studio bookings by many local artists. Pal Recording Studio quickly became a place where musicians could record their rehearsals and repertoire and leave with high quality recordings.

    The Catalinas (9)    The Catalinas (9)

    Paul Buff’s Original Sound output was credited to his own name as well as many other artists. Paul also recorded with his first wife Allison as The Catalinas. Terri And Johnnie had cut "Your Tender Lips" at Pal for release on Donna, but their version was not a hit. So, Paul Buff did his own version as The Catalinas for Original Sound. Unlike Terri And Johnnie's version as a male/female duet, all the vocals on The Catalinas' version were by Paul. The Catalinas released "Gonna Tell" as the Original Sound B-side of "Your Tender Lips." Unlike the A-side, "Gonna Tell" features Allison Buff in the lead with Paul doing the bridge.

    The Catalinas (9)     The Catalinas (9)
                         Paul Buff                                                                                        Frank Zappa
    Pal was also the training ground for a young Frank Zappa who worked at the studio starting in 1961. Zappa learned basic recording techniques at Pal. He recorded his first rock n' roll record, "Breaktime", by The Masters, which consisted of himself, Paul Buff, and Ronnie Williams. In 1964, Zappa bought the studio and renamed it Studio Z.

    Songs :

     Your Tender Lips                                  Gonna Tell          


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