• The Twin Tunesaka The Twin Tunes Quintet
    Bruce & Boyd

    The Twin Tunes (Altoona, Pa.)
    aka The Twin Tunes Quintet


    Personnel :

    Boyd Coulter (Bass)

    Bruce Coulter (Piano)

    Tony Carle (Trumpet)

    D'Roxy Weems (Drums)

    Jimmy Conti (Saxophone)


    Discography :

    The Twin Tunes
    1954 - You Are The Most / Where Do I Go (I Go To You) (Coral 61319)
    1955 - Japanese Rhumba / I'll Make You Mine (Sound 115/116)
    1955 - Miss Paradise / The Goodbye Song (Sound 120)
    1955 - The Vision / Feel So Good (Sound 125)
    1955 - Never / Good Bye (Sound 127)
    1956 - Valley Of Tears / Please Don’t Leave Me (Sound 131)

    The Twin Tunes Quintet
    1957 - Baby Lover / The Love Nest (RCA 7091)
    1958 - Dream Face / Run-Around, Run-Around (RCA 7225)


    Biography :

    In 1954, Bruce and his twin brother, Boyd from Altoona, Pa., formed a traveling musical team known as the “Twin Tunes”. Both Bruce and Boyd are graduates of the Altoona Senior High School. The brothers added Tony Carle (trumpet), D'Roxy Weems (drums) and Jimmy Conti (saxophone). Between 1954 and 1955, the Twin Tunes recorded six singles, the first for Coral and the nexts for the Sound Records label in Philadelphia.

        The Twin Tunesaka The Twin Tunes Quintet   The Twin Tunesaka The Twin Tunes Quintet

    During this period, they made a solid reputation and began to perform locally. The Twin Tunes becomes The Twin Tunes Quintet. The Coulters and their new combos are quickly becoming one of the outstanding combos in the entertainment business. In 1957, RCA Records released two singles "Baby Lover" b/w "The Love Nest" and "Dream Face" b/w "Run-Around, Run-Around" the next Year.

    The Twin Tunesaka The Twin Tunes Quintet   The Twin Tunesaka The Twin Tunes Quintet

    They have played long engagements in Wahington D.C., Baltimore, Md., Detroit, Mich., Indianapolis, Ind., Saint Louis, Mo., Toronto, Ca. In 1958, they have spent three months in Las Vegas playing at the Dunes hotel, The Riviera and the Tropicana.


    Songs :

    The Twin Tunes

    Where Do I Go (I Go To You)            The Vision / Feel So Good   

    Valley Of Tears / Please Don't Leave Me

    The Twin Tunes Quintet

    Baby Lover                                    Dream Face

    Run-Around, Run-Around                          The Love Nest          


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