• The Rubies (1)

    The Rubies (1) (New York)


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    1961 - He Was An Angel / He's Mine (Empress 103)


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    The Valmor Record Company was started in the fall of 1960 in New York City. It was a division of Countess, International, and owned and run by Gene and Jody Malis . Gene, a businessman, and the musically oriented Jody had started the Finesse label in New York in 1959. The Finesse label folded the same year it began.

    The Rubies (1)     The Rubies (1)

    In 1961, Valmor opened a subsidiary label, Empress. A group called the Rubies signed with them. The Rubies  recorded "He Was An Angel" b/w "He's Mine" released in September 1961. The Empress label lasted for eight singles or so, and did not put out any albums.


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    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

         He Was An Angel                                 He's Mine           

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