• The Nu-Tones (1) aka The Nutones (1)
    The Nu-Tones (1) (Los Angeles, CA)
    aka The Nutones (1)

    Personnel :

    Don Ballard (Lead Tenor)

    Joe Green (Lead vocals)

    Lionel Dawson (Tenor)

    George Webster McNeil (Baritone)

    Ed Turner (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Nu-Tones (1)
    1955 - Goddess of Love / Niki Niki Mambo (Cutie Girl) (Hollywood Star 797)
    1955 - Annie Kicked The Bucket / Believe (Hollywood Star 798)
    1955 - Believe / You’re No Barking Dog (Johnny Dragnet Hill) (Hollywood Star 798)

    The Nutones (1)
    1956 - At Midnite / Beans ‘N’ Greens (Combo 127)


    Biography :

    In 1951, Jake Vernon Haven Porter (Jake Porter), a jazz trumpeter founded the label Combo Records, which was active until 1961 and released R&B and doo wop releases in addition to some jazz. Much of the material released on the label was recorded in Porter's basement, and he did a fair bit of songwriting for the releases in addition to recording duties.

    The Nu-Tones (1) aka The Nutones (1)   The Nu-Tones (1) aka The Nutones (1)
                                                                                                                                  Jake Porter

    The Nutones came from West Los Angeles and local distributor Sid Talmadge did pretty well with their only Combo platter "At Midnite" b/w "Beans ‘N’ Greens". The single sold well in the immediate Los Angeles area but was not too much to talk about elsewhere. Before their Combo recordings,the Nutones under the name of Nu-Tones also recorded for the elusive Cholly Williams, their legendary "Annie Kicked The Bucket" on Hollywood Star recently reportedly fetched the highest price ever for a rock and roll group.

    Songs :

    The Nu-Tones (1)

    Goddess of Love / Niki Niki Mambo

               Believe                                 Annie Kicked The Bucket

    The Nutones (1)

    Beans 'N' Greens                                       At Midnite     

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