• The Rivals (4) (Detroit)

    Personnel :

    Gerald Green (Lead)

    James Green (First Tenor)
    Herman Green (Second tenor)

    Robert Metcalf (Baritone)

    Tolbert Dorr (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Rivals (4)
    1963 - It's gonna work out / love me (Puff 1001/Lupine 118)
    1964 - Make up your mind / She's mine (Puff 3912)

    Letha Jones & The Rivals (4)
    1960 - I need you / I Got That Feeling (Anna 1113)
    1960 - I need you / Black Clouds  (Anna 1113)

    Biography :

    The Rivals  first appeared on Anna Records backing Letha Jones. Anna issued two singles in 1960 credited to Letha Jones & the Rivals, "I Got That Feeling" b/w "I Need You" and "Black Cloud" with the same B-side as the first single.

    Letha Jones

    Neither did anything and the Rivals wouldn't appear on record again until 1963 when they waxed "It's Gonna Work Out" b/w "Love Me" on T. J. Fowler's Puff label. The session musicians included Fowler (keyboards), Uriel Jones (drums), Walter Cox (sax), and Dezi McCullers (horns) a.k.a. the T. J. Fowler Combo. It did well locally so Fowler sold the master to Bob West's Lupine Records, distributed by Atlantic Records, to give it a better shot.


    But despite immense potential, the record never did much outside Detroit. Because of its popularity in the Motor City, the Rivals did commercials for Goebel Beer and Wrigley Gum, appeared on the Robin Seymour Show, and played local venues such as the 20 Grand and the Graystone Ballroom.

    A second Puff single came out in 1964, but "She's Mine" b/w "Make Your Mind Up," failed to achieve even local success, and the Rivals broke up. Their old session drummer, Uriel Jones, went to work for Motown, as did Gerald Green, who joined the Contours.
     Andrew Hamilton, All Music Guide

    Songs :

    It's gonna work out                   love me

    I need you                             She's mine

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