• The Charades (1)

    The Charades (1) (Elmont, New York)
    aka The Rockaways (1)


    Personnel :

    Lewis Berryman


    Alan Richwald

    Maurice Iazetta

    Joe Pastorelli


    Discography :

    Alicia & The Rockaways (1) - Ken Darrell & Rockaways (1)
    1956 - Why Can't I Be Loved / Never Comin' Back (Epic 9191)
    1957 - I'm Not Goin' Steady / Faleroo (Epic 9226)

    The Charades (1)
    1958 - Now I´ll cry / ? (Lancer 101)
    1958 - Make Me Happy, Baby / Shang Lang A Ding Dong (U.A. 132)
    1959 - Bright Red Shiney Pants / Let Me Love You (U.A. 183)

    Jody Lin bb The Charades (1)
    1959 - Why Is He Staying Away / Oh Henry (Luxor 100)


    Biography :

    Vocal & instrumental group from New York formed in 1955 and composed by Lewis Berryman, Robert Carrillo, Alan Richwald, Maurice Iazetta and Joe Pastorelli. The band performed in New York and its surroundings for a year before being discovered by Zober & Salmi.

    The Charades (1) 

    The Rockaways with Kenneth Darrell & Alicia Iazetta

    Writers Bert Salmirs and Wally Zober were based in New York as was Atlantic Music Corp. They were so impressed with the harmony and performance, They quickly introduced the group to Epic Records launched in 1953 by Columbia Records . The group began their recording careers as the Rockaways, and backed Maurice Iazetta's sister, Alicia and pop singer Ken Darrell on two singles. Both singles written by Bert Salmirs and Wally Zober.

    The Charades (1)

    Little success has led the group to change company and name. The Group signing a recording contract with United Artists as the Charades. Formed in New York City in 1956, United Artists not only had their own recording artists, but were used to launch recordings from other labels to the national scene.

    The Charades (1)    The Charades (1)
    Jody Lin                                                                                          
    The Charades recorded two singles and backed Jody lin on "Why Is He Staying Away" and "Oh Henry" on her Luxor single. Again, all the songs are written by Bert Salmirs and Wally Zober . 


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    Alicia & The Rockaways (1)

    Why Can't I Be Loved                   I'm Not Going Steady


    Ken Darrell & The Rockaways (1)

    Never Comin' Back                        Faleroo


     The Charades (1)

    Now I´ll cry                   Make Me Happy, Baby            Shang Lang A Ding Dong

    Bright Red Shiney Pants              Let Me Love You


    Jody Lin bb The Charades (1)

    Why Is He Staying Away                      Oh Henry


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