• Ron & Bill

    Ron & Bill (Detroit)

    Personnel :

    Ronnie White

    William 'Smoky' Robinson

    Discography :

    1959 -  - It / Don't Say Bye Bye (Argo 5350/Tamla 54025)

    Biography :

    Ron & Bill was a short-lived incarnation of Ronnie White and Smokey Robinson from the early days of the Motown organization -- the credit appeared on one record, the single "It" b/w "Don't Say Bye Bye," released on the Tamla label, which was the label's attempt at charting with a novelty tune.


    Actually, the A-side is very pretty, with superb singing and exquisite choruses, and if the effort here was to imitate "The Purple People Eater" or "The Flying Saucer," as suggested by Bill Dahl in his notes for The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 1 1959-1961, then the label ended up with something smoother and more sophisticated than either of those sides, and one well worth hearing as straight R&B. The record constitutes an understandably obscure event in the life of the singer and the history of the Miracles.Bruce Eder, Rovi

    Song :





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