• The Rhythm Masters (Los Angeles)
    aka The Vel-Aires aka The Bel-Aires (3)

    Personnel :

    Darryl Perault  (Tenor)

    Randolph Bryant (Tenor)

    Willie Graham (Second Tenor)

    Ira Foley (Bass)

    Discography :

    1956 -  Baby We Two / Patricia (Flip 314)

    Biography :

    Donald "Buster" Woods originally recorded as a with The Medallions, from Los Angeles, California. The Medallion's group leader was Vernon Green, but when Woods split from Green he took three of the Medallions with him to form Donald Woods & the Vel-Aires, who were known as the Bel-Aires when they weren't backing Woods

    Paste up picture : Ira Foley, Willie Graham, Darryl Perault, Randolph Bryant

    In 1955, Donald Woods had left to try a solo career. Willie, Randolph, and Ira got a replacement tenor: Darryl Perault (who would go on to sing with the Jivers) and, on December 10, 1955, they recorded "Baby We Two" and "Patricia" for Flip as the "Rhythm Masters".

    Songs :

    Baby We Two                                       Patricia

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