• L to R : Pierce, Russell, Santos, Ingraham, Amitrano

    The Tones (2) (Oneonta, New York)

    Personnel :

    Paul Pierce (Lead)

    Larry Santos

    Sergio Amitrano

    Jerry Russell

    Richard Ingraham

    Nathon Driggs (accompanist)

    Discography :

    Single :
    1958 - Three Little Loves / We Belong Together (Baton 265)

    Unreleased :
    1958 - I'm A Lovin' You So (Baton)
    1958 - It's Been So Long (Baton)
    1958 - I Love The Way (Baton)

    Biography :

    The Boys started as members of Willis L. Walley's crack Varsity choir at Oneonta High Scholl, Where young Santos, Pierce, Driggs and Russel are seniors. Walley used to encourage his students to enter talent shows at OHS . Paul Pierce remembers how he and a few of his friends entered a show and were sponsored by Mosca's Pizzeria. They went by the name "The Pizzarinos." But there were other bands in competition, and eventually three of those bands would merge into one called "The Chymes."

    The Tones (2)
    L to R : Pierce, Santos, Amitrano, Russell, Ingraham  - Bottom : Nathon Driggs

    WDOS program director Ed Hyder heard the band and asked them to record some of their songs at Hartwick College's recording studios. It was just about every kid's dream during the late '50s to press a demo record, and these guys did. They got an audition through Baton's lead producer, Sol Rabinowicz. On the spot, the Oneonta guys were signed to a recording contract. the Boys heard that another singing group had first claim to "The Chimes". Baton Records would not last long. It pressed about 10,000 records by The Tones.

     Although these guys never made the big charts, such as Billboard, they got a significant amount of play and high ratings on individual radio station charts across the Northeast and Midwestern states (such as powerhouse WKBW in Buffalo) in 1958. The band would go on to appear on regional TV teen dance shows for awhile. Larry Santos went on to write songs for the Four Seasons and Dinae Renay. Through the 60's he often collaborated with Bob Crewe. In the late 60's he began recording albums on his own.

    Songs :

    Three Little Loves                             We Belong Together




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