• The Truetones aka The Capitols (2)   

    The Truetones  (Washinton,D.C. / Baltimore)
    aka The Capitols (2)


    Personnel :

    Ronald Henderson (Lead)

    James Green (First Tenor)

    Marshall Hawkins (Second Tenor)

    Earl Briscoe (Baritone)

    Leonard Campbell (Bass) )


    Discography :

    The Truetones
    1958 - Honey, Honey / Whirlwind (Monument 4501)
    1961 - Blushing Bride / Singing Waters (Felsted 8625)
    1966 - He's Got The Nerve / That's Love (Josie 950/1103)
    1966 – Girls Are Sentimental / One More Time (LSP 0001/0002)

    The Capitols (2)
    1973 - Honey, Honey / Alone In The Night (The Jones Boys) (Baron 103)


    Biography :

    This group started as the Capitols, and changed their name to the Truetones when they signed to Monument records. The Truetones were one of those groups whose personnel changed almost continuously. The only constant member was the group's organizer/Manager/writer and lead singer Ronald Henderson.

    The Truetones aka The Capitols (2)
    Top : Ronald Henderson, Gene Williams, Andrew Layer - Bottom : John Johnson, Kenny Willis

    Their first records, "Honey, Honey" (not be confused with the Teenchords' song of the same name) is a great medium-tempo harmony group sound from the late 1950's. The group Other three records were spaced rather far apart : "Singing Waters"on Felsted was released in the early 60's and the two other were released on Josie & LSPin the Mid-60s. In 1973, Honey, Honey is released by Baron under their original name, The Capitols.

    The Truetones (1966)

    At personal appearances, the Truetones would perform as a "double group" that is, they would open the show with their own songs, and then return to sing back-up for another singer, usually, Pookie Hudson after he left the Spaniels.  Thanks to Marv Goldberg


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Singing Waters                     Blushing Bride                               Whirlwind

    Honey, Honey                       He's Got The Nerve                That's Love

         One More Time                    Girls Are Sentimental


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