• The Savoys (4) aka Cindy Adams & The Kingsmen (3)

    The Savoys (4) (San Jose, CA)
    aka The Savoys's aka Cindy Adams & The Kingsmen (3)


    Personnel :

    Albert Richie (lead Vocals, Piano)

    Beverly Soares (Vocals, Percussion)

    Chris Ray (Lead Guitar, Vocals)

    Bruce Hird (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals)


    Discography :

    The Savoys (4)
    1959 - The Mortal Monster Man / Watching The Sea ‎(Bella    2212/13-58)
    1960 - You're The Beating Of My Heart / You Heartless One (Christy 130)

    The Savoy's
    1959 - I Love My Baby / You And I (Bella 18)

    Marguerite Trina & The Savoys (4)
    1959 - The Rocking Tree / The Brat (Bella 19)    

    Cindy Adams & The Kingsmen (3)
    1960 - You And I / Baby Pie (Shelby 1)

    Pat La Rocca & The Savoys (4)
    1959 - Rowena / Don't Do Me Wrong (Bella 15)    

    The Savoys (4) aka Cindy Adams & The Kingsmen (3)


    Biography :

    This group hailed from San Jose, CA and played throughout the bay area during the late 50s and early 60s.. The Savoys were composed by Albert Richie (lead Vocals, Piano), Beverly Soares (Vocals, Percussion), Chris Ray (Lead Guitar, Vocals) and Bruce Hird (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals). In 1959 The Savoys signed a recording contract with Bella Records.  The Bella label was created by John Pusateri out of San Jose, California.  John, a native of Franklin, Louisiana, had moved to San Jose in the 1920s but kept close contact with musicians in south Louisiana.  He produced and created a wealth of great music, mostly doo-wop in the 1950s. He was also a prolific writer and composer for other labels as well.

    The Savoys (4) aka Cindy Adams & The Kingsmen (3)     The Savoys (4) aka Cindy Adams & The Kingsmen (3)  

                John Pusateri                                                                              Pat La Rocca             

    The Savoys cut two singles for Bella , "The Mortal Monster Man" b/w "Watching The Sea" and "I Love My Baby" b/w "You And I" and backed Pat La Rocca and Marguerite Trina.  In early 1960, They recorded "You're The Beating Of My Heart" b/w "You Heartless One" at Christy Records of Los Gatos (California). "I Love My Baby" and  "You And I" on Bella Records by The Savoys were released under Cindy Adams (Beverly  Soares) & The Kingsmen on Shelby Records. The Doo Wop intro to "You And I" was removed from this release and "I Love My Baby" was renamed "Baby Pie". Albert Richie married Beverly and formed a new group in the late sixties called Beverly Rich & The Poor Boys with a different lineup.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Savoys (4) / The Savoy's

    You're The Beating Of My Heart                         You And I                  

    The Mortal Monster Man                Watching The Sea

    Pat La Rocca & The Savoys (4)

    Rowena                                        Don't Do Me Wrong

    Marguerite Trina & The Savoys (4)

    The Rocking Tree / The Brat (Bella 19)    


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