• The Embers (5)

    The Embers (5) (Houston, Texas)


    Personnel :

    Don Angelo (Lead)

    Mickey Newbury (Tenor)

    Chuck Augustus Gengler (Bass)

    James Walker (Baritone / Guitar)


    Discography :

    Don Angelo bb The Embers (5)
    1960 - I´m Sorry Dear / My Love For You (Mercury 71580)

    Joe D'Ambra & The Embers (5)
    1960 - Don't Forget To Write / Please Come Home (Mercury 71725)


    Biography :

    Born Milton Sims Newbury, Jr. in Houston, Texas. As a teenager, Mickey Newbury sang tenor in a moderately successful vocal group called The Embers.  Shortly after starting high school, Mickey Newbury attended a sock hop, where a local group, The Sharps, was performing. Sixteen-year-old Houston native , Kenneth Donald Rogers-Kenny Rogers-sang tenor for The Sharps at the time. In a year, Rogers would sing in another Houston doo wop group called The scholars. Mickey asked the lead singer of The Sharps, Don Angelo, if he knew anyone who would like to start a singing group. Angelo replied, “sure, my neighbor” and introduced him to Chuck Augustus Gengler “CAG.” 

    The Embers (5)

    The Embers with Julian Barnett

    Don Angelo and CAG lived next door to each other. They needed someone who could play an instrument, and they soon found James Walker, who played guitar. Newbury, Gengler and Walker practiced as a trio for several months.  Mickey's doowop ensemble was completed when lead singer Don Angelo left Kenny Rogers' group The Sharps and joined Mickey's trio, which then became a singing foursome, The Embers. The Embers consisted of Newbury tenor, Angelo lead, Gengler bass, and Walker guitar and baritone. The Embers hit the road, performing at black R&B clubs across Texas, where Mickey was nicknamed “The Little White Wolf” by Gatesmouth Brown and B.B. King.

    The Embers (5)

    Julian Barnett would temporarily join The Embers, filling in for lead singer Don Angelo. In 1957, The Embers did package shows with Sam Cooke, Paul Anka, Jackie Wilson, TBone Walker, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Frankie Avalon, the Everly Brothers and many others. As they had become a popular singing group, an Embers Fan Club was formed, and members mostly teenage girls wore special shirts with fancy red stripes. The Embers experienced several close encounters with Kenneth Rogers. He performed Crazy Feelings at a show in Houston, backed up by The Embers less Don Angelo. Also Rogers' brother, Leland, booked a few gigs for them. In early 1960, They released a Mercury single (# 71580) titled, "I'm Sorry Dear" b/w "My Love For You", under the name, 'Don Angelo,' who sang lead on it. 

    The Embers (5)     The Embers (5)

    They took cash dollars up front and released all future rights. Kenneth plays standup bass on that record. The Embers recorded "Don't Forget To Write" b/w "Please Come Home" with singer Joe D'Ambra . Mickey Newbury put his musical career on hold at age 19 when he joined the Air Force. After four years in the military, Newbury again set his sights on making a living as a songwriter. Before long, he moved to Nashville and signed to the prestigious publishing company Acuff-Rose Music. Mickey Newbury continued to write and have recorded for several labels, producing 18 albums.
    Mickey Newbury Crystal & Stone

    Songs :

    Don Angelo bb The Embers (5)

    I´m Sorry Dear                        My Love For You

    Joe D'Ambra & The Embers (5)

    Don't Forget To Write                        Please Come Home

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