• The Gales (3) (Scranton, Pennsylvania)

    Personnel :

    Paulette Costa (Lead)

    Shirley Macklen (Tenor)

    Carol Plotkin (Harmony Bass)

    Madge Peters (Bass)

    Discography :

    1963 - Tommy / Around The Clock With You (Debra 1002)

    Biography :

     The Gales were a very popular musical girl group in Scranton, Pennsylvania in the early 1960s. The lead singer of the group is Paulette Costa with Shirley Macklen( Tenor), Carol Plotkin (Harmony Bass) and Madge Peters (Bass).


                                                                                                  The Magics

    The Girls cut one single for Debra Records "Around The Clock With You" is a wonderful uptempo song. The flip is "Tommy" written by Gales member Paulette Costa. The Magics, a male doo-wop group, also from Scranton, are the male back-up singers on "Around The Clock With You".


    Songs :

    Around The Clock With You                        Tommy


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