• The Gales (3)
    Paulette Costa (Seated)-(L to R) Shirley Machler, Madlyn Peters and Carol Fedor

    The Gales (3) (Scranton, Pennsylvania)

    Personnel :

    Paulette Costa (Lead)

    Shirley Machler (Tenor)

    Carol Fedor (Harmony Bass)

    Madlyn Peters (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Gales (3)
    1963 - Tommy / Around The Clock With You (Debra 1002)

    Tommy Genova bb The Gales (3)
    1961 - I Loved And I Lost / I've Got That Feeling (not them) (White Rock 361)

    Biography :

    Known as the Gales, the young vocalists are Paulette Costa, Carol Fedor, Shirley Machler and Madlyn Peters. Misses Costa, Fedor and Machler reside in West Scranton. Miss Peters-hails from the Pine Brook section. Miss Costa, leader of the Gales, Wrote one of the tunes that appears on the disc "Tommy". The flip side is "Around the Clock". Paulette Costa is a graduate of West Scranton High School, as Carol Fedor . Shirley Machler will be a senior at West - Scranton High School in September. Madlyn Peters graduated from Technical High School. The girls range in age from 16 (Machler) to 19 (Peters). Paulette Costa is 18 and Carol Fedor, 17.

    The Gales (3)    The Gales (3)

    Their recording was cut in New York City, on the Debra label. They got their chance to record after their background work for Tommy Genova's "I Loved and I Lost" was noted. Genova also resides in Scranton. "I Loved and I Lost" was penned by Pete Mills, another Scrantonian. The Magics, a male doo-wop group, also from Scranton, are the male back-up singers on "Around The Clock With You". Miss Costa is a brother of Tony Costa, a musician currently on tour with the Town Pipers. The Gales have appeared at local record hops and will fuelfill a number of engagements to plug their record in the fall. They got together as a team 18 months ago

    Songs :

    The Gales (3)

    Around The Clock With You                        Tommy                    

    Tommy Genova

    I Loved and I Lost


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