Top : B.Slough, A.Johnson & F.Martine- Center : Jenny Johnson - Bottom : J.Ragsdale, E.Joyner & W.Kinsey

    The Ravons (2) (New Mexico)

    Personnel :

    Jenny Johnson

    Bill Slough

    Fred Martine

    Joe Ragsdale

    Eric Joyner

    Willie Kinsey

    Discography :

    1962 – Why Did You Leave Me / Everybody’s Laughing At Me (Yucca 142)

    Biography :

    The Ravons were a Vocal group from Holloman Air Force Base.  In 1962, Dick Liberatore, airman third class, has been writing songs for some time. he composed "Why Did You Leave Me?" and wanted to record it. He got a Holloman vocal group which he had organized, called the Ravons composed by Bill Slough, Fred Martine, Joe Ragsdale, Eric Joyner, Willie Kinsey and Jenny Johnson.

                                                                                                                    Calvin Boles of Yucca Records
    In The Meantime, Air man first class Alfred E. Johnson who is married to Jenny Had Written a song called "Everybody's Laughing At Me" which the group decided to record on the flip side when they found someone who would put it on Wax. The group approached Calvin Boles of Yucca Records in Alamogordo. When he heard the record, he liked it so much thet he released it on a trial basis in this area and signed « the Ravons » to one Year contract. The record has been getting extensive play by disc jockeys in El Paso and Las Cruces and was played on KRAC radio Station in Alamogordo.

    Songs :

    Everybody’s Laughing At Me           Why Did You Leave Me

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