• The Romeos (4)
    Mike Regal

    The Romeos (4) (Brooklyn, New York)


    Personnel :

    Mike Regal (Lead)


    Discography :

    1962  - The Tiger's Wide Awake (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) / Hitch Hikin (Amy 840 )


    Biography :

    The Chord-A-Roys are a vocal group from Brooklyn fronted by Mike Regal with Robert Walden, Shelly Weiss and John Christiano. The group cut one single for JDS Records. The group broke up soon after and Shelly Weiss joined Mike Lasman, Allan Senzan and Ian Kaye & formed the Dreamers / the Accents.

    The Romeos (4)   The Romeos (4)

    In 1962, Mike Regal became lead singer for another group, The Romeos. The Romeos recorded the answer song to the classic Tokens tune "The Lion Sleep Tonight".

    Songs :

    The Tiger's Wide Awake


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