• The Soothers
    William Dempsey, Nicky Clark and Raoul Cita

    The Soothers (New York)
    aka The Harptones

    Personnel :

    Hank Jernigan (Lead)

    Nicky Clark (Lead / First Tenor)

    Curtis Cherebin (Baritone)

    William Dempsey (Second Tenor)

    Freddy Taylor (Bass)

    Raoul Cita


    Discography :

    1964 - The Little White Cloud That Cried /I Believe In You (Port 70041)


    Biography :

    In 1964, The Harptones recorded "Sunset" released by On Warren Troob's KT Label. After "Sunset was released,  Willie Winfield left the group to take a full time job.  The Harptones tried it one more time. Hank Jernigan returned, and, along with Nicky Clark, Curtis Cherebin, William Dempsey, Freddy Taylor, and Raoul Cita, recorded "The Little White Cloud That Cried" (led by Nicky) and "I Believe In You" (led by Hank). Possibly feeling that without Willie there was no Harptones, the group called themselves the "Soothers." The disc was released, in July 1964, on the Port label (a subsidiary of Jubilee). Shortly after this, The Soothers disbanded  and the members found day time jobs. Nicky Clark moved to Buffalo and died several years later while still in his 30's. http://www.uncamarvy.com/Harptones/harptones.html



    The Little White Cloud That Cried                     I Believe In You             


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