• The Coolbreezers (Washington, D.C)


    Personnel :

    Joe Reuth (Lead)

    Richard Steward (First Tenor)

    Bob Armstrong

    William Primrose

    Earl J. Williams

    Sonny Williams (Bass)


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1957 - You Know I Go For You / My Brother (ABC 9865)
    1958 - Eda Weda Bug / The Greatest Love Of All (Bale 100)
    1958 - Hello Mr. New Year / Let Christmas Ring (Bale 103)
    1974 - Just Room For Two / You Know I Go For You (Roadhouse 1019)

    Unreleased :
    1958 - Siesta (Bale)


    Biography :

    The Coolbreezers started singing as a gospel group in Wash. D.C. and switched to doo-wop. Members were Joe Reuth, Richard Steward, Bob Armstrong, William Primrose, Earl J. Williams, and Sonny Williams. Bea Williams, sister of Earl and Sonny Williams, assumed the role of manager and had them record some rhythm and blues demos that she sent to New York for evaluation.


    As a result,  ABC Paramount had them record one record that went nowhere , Bea Williams then started her own label, BALE, and released two singles by the Coolbreezers in 1957: “The Greatest Love Of All” / “Eda Weda Bug” and “Let Christmas Ring” / “Hello Mr. New Year.” Earl Williams also sang bass for the Twilighters on Marshall.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    You Know I Go For You / My Brother               Eda Weda Bug                     Hello Mr. New Year    

    The Greatest Love Of All               Just Room For Two                  Let Christmas Ring  

    Siesta (Bale unreleased)



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