• The Tides (2) aka The Triplets (San Francisco, California)   

    Personnel :

    Bobby Black

    Larry Dean Black

    Discography :

    The Tides (2)
    1959 - Rock Me / Gently Stoned (Dore 529)

    1960 - Little Carmen / Smoke Signals (Dore 546)
    1961 - Follow Me / Say You're Mine (Dore 579)
    1961 - Dear Mr. President / Ring A Ding Ding (Dore 611)
    1961 - Chicken Spaceman / Ring A Ding Ding (Dore 618)

    The Triplets
    1960 - Bagdad Beat / Gently, My Love (Dore 574)

    Biography :

    The Black Brothers, Bobby (born - Prescott, Arizona - 1934) and Larry (born - Inglewood, California - 1936) were raised in Tucson, Arizona and later grew up in the San Fernando Valley of California in the Forties.
    The brothers, recording under various group names, were signed as artists with several major recording companies, and enjoyed some success.


    With Jack Greenback on drums, their very first endeavor, as The Triplets, hit the Top 40 charts with a steel guitar instrumental called "Gently, My Love" (Dore Records) - a "new" sound at the time

    Rarely using their real names as recording artists, The Black Brothers continued to perform and record as The Tides (Dore Records)….

    Complete History :

    Song :

    Ring A Ding Ding



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