• The Fabulous Four (2)

    The Fabulous Four (2) (Los Angeles)


    Personnel :


    Discography :

    1962 - Oop-Shoobie-Doop Bam-A-Lam / Welcome Me Home (Melic 4114)


    Biography :

    This Fabulous Four was a black group from Los Angeles. They are not related with the  white group from Philly who had numerous releases on Chancellor. They recorded "Oop-Shoobie-Doop Bam-A-Lam" and " Welcome Me Home" for Melic, a Label based in Hollywood at 1607 El Centro Av., a label owned by Lee Young, American jazz drummer and younger brother of saxophonist Lester Young.

    The Fabulous Four (2)    The Fabulous Four (2)

    Lee Young                                                                                                                  


    Songs :

            Welcome Me Home                  Oop-Shoobie-Doop Bam-A-Lam


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