•  The Expressions (1) (New York)


    Personnel :

    Robert Yula (Lead)

    Mario Carparelli




    Discography :

    1959 - Now That You're Gone / Crazy (Teen 101)


    Biography :

    The Expressions practiced their singing in the Belmont Community Center which is on the Street that Dion & The Belmonts took their name. Mario Carparelli was a friend of Dion from the neighborhood. Dion tried to get the Expressions an audition at the new Laurie record label (Founded in 1958 by Bob Schwartz, Gene Schwartz, Eliott Greenberg and Alan L. Sussel).


    Unfortunately the new small label had just signed the Mystics with the hit "Hushabye" and it could not invest any more money at the time. Due to the Payola scandal which Alan freed was behind, the Expressions records on Teen Records received no national or even New York radio play. The song make the Boston charts top ten.

    Songs :

    Now That You're Gone                       Crazy



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