The Hill Sisters (Hazel Park, Michigan)


    Personnel :

    Lynne Hill

    Carol Hill

    Beverly Hill


    Discography :

    The Hill Sisters
    Single :
    1959 - Hit And Run Away Love / Advertising For Love (Anna 1103)
    1959 - Love Me (Anna)

    Jackie Carbone bb The Hill Sisters
    1960 - Let Me Go Daddy-O / The Lovely Lady In Blue (Ciro’s 1002)
    1960 - Song Of Napoli / The Voice Of Love (Ciro’s 1003/1004)


    Biography :

    Lynne Hill, Carol Hill and Beverly Hill started their music career back in 1955 and was part of a singing trio, The Hill Sisters, singing for school and church functions. They also performed live on the "Soupy Sales" show in 1959 performing "I hear It Everywhere". In 1959, they  released a record on Barry Gordy's "Anna Records" with the songs "Hit And Run Away Love" and "Advertising For Love".

    Jackie Carbone                                                                   The Hill Sisters

    Anna Records was a short-lived record label, known as a forerunner of Motown, founded by sisters Anna and Gwen Gordy and Roquel Billy Davis in 1959 and located in Detroit, Michigan. Gwen Gordy and Davis had written hit songs for Jackie Wilson and Etta James prior to founding the label.  The Trio sang back-up vocals on a few different records for a promising young vocalist named Jackie Carbone on "Let Me Go Daddy-O" and "The Lovely Lady In Blue",  "Song Of Napoli" and " The Voice Of Love" both singles released by Circo's Records .In 1960/61, the Hill Sisters  decided to end their music career.


    Songs :

    The Hill Sisters

     Advertising for Love                         Hit And Run Away Love

    Jackie Carbone bb The Hill Sisters

      Let Me Go Daddy-O                      The Lovely Lady In Blue

             Napoli                                      The Voice Of Love


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