• The Intervals (2)aka The Vocals aka The Indexes
    1962 - The Intervals 

    The Intervals (4) (Saint Louis, Missouri)
    aka The Vocals aka The Indexes


    Personnel :

    Lamont McLemore

    Richard Trulove

    Paul Grady

    Ron Townson

    Fritz Baskett


    Discography :

    John Golden / Blanton McFarlin  & The Indexes
    1962 - Take A Chance / You Changed My Mind (Douglas 101)

    The Intervals (4)
    Single :
    1962 - Here's That Rainy Day / Wish I Could Change My Mind (Class 304)
    Unreleased :
    1962 - You Are My Only Love (Class)
    1962 - Funny How Time Goes By (Class)
    Practice session
    1962 - Here's That Rainy Day (Class 304 / bootleg)

    The Vocals
    1964 - Lonesome Mood / Look Out For Love (Tangerine 938)

    Margie Hendrix & The Vocals
    1964 -     Let No One Hold You / A Lover's Blues (Tangerine 940)


    Biography :

    Lamont McLemore began harmonizing under the streetlamps of St. Louis with a bunch of guys. He sang the bass, and a guy they called Johnny Gold sang lead. They called him Johnny Gold, but his real name was John Golden. One night they were outside a club where Redd Foxx was performing. Because it was so hot inside, the doors were left open, and Foxx stepped outside for a moment after his set. Lamont McLemore asked if he could please let us do one number on stage. He was understandably hesitant at first, but when he overheard them practicing he gave them a shot.

    The Intervals (2)aka The Vocals aka The Indexes
    (L to R) The Vocals - L. McLemore, M. McCoo, Fr.  Baskett, Rex Middleton (Arranger), Ray Charles, H. Elston & L. Summers.

    They were eager to find a studio to record them. While in the Los Angeles area on a Sunday when everything is usually closed up, they found a studio where a guy was sweeping up. They offered to do his sweeping if he would let them have a few minutes to record a couple of songs they had written. After much begging and pleading, he called the owners of the studio and they were told to come back in a couple of days.” The result was a release as by John Golden and the Indexes on the Douglas label (#101). The record got a lot of airplay for the first couple of days after it was released, but then disappeared.  Lamont McLemore formed the Intervals, The group had a brief recording stint with Leon Rene in late 1961. the result was the two sided "Here's That Rainy Day" / "Wish I Could Change My Mind" (Class 304) plus two a cappella tracks, "You Are My only Love" and "Funny How Time Goes By" Which were unissed. The Group consisted of Lamont McLemore, Richard Trulove, Paul Grady, Ron Townson & Fritz Baskett.

    The Intervals (2)aka The Vocals aka The Indexes
    The Fifth Dimension

    Then Lamont joined the Hi-Fis. A short time later, McLemore began assembling another group, which consisted of Hi-Fis Marilyn McCoo, Florence LaRue, Harry Elston and Lawrence Summers. The Hi-Fis became the Vocals and In 1963, they sang at local clubs while taking lessons from a vocal coach. In 1964, they came to the attention of Ray Charles, who took them on tour with him the following year. Eventually, the group changed their name to the Vocals and recorded for Charles’ Tangerine label. When none of their singles charted, the group went their separate ways. Lamont McLemore, Ron Townson and Marilyn McCoo went on to a career with the Fifth Dimension.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    John Golden & The Indexes         Blanton McFarlin & The Indexes

        Take A Chance                             You Changed My Mind

    The Intervals (4)

           Here's That Rainy Day               Wish I Could Change My Mind

    You Are My Only Love                     Funny How Time Goes By

    Here's That Rainy Day (practice session)

    Margie Hendrix & The Vocals

    Let No One Hold You                              A Lover's Blues    


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