• The Swans (2)

    The Swans (2) (St Louis, Mo.)
    aka The Swans Quartet

    Personnel :

    Leroy Boyer(Tenor)

    Ernest Washington(Baritone)

    Walter Harper (Falstto)


    Discography :

    The Faith Douglas Trio bb The Swans Quartet
    1953 - For Dreams To Come True / Happy (Ballad 1000-1001)

    The Swans (2)
    1954 - You May Forgive Yourself / It's A Must (Ballad 1002/1003)
    1955 - How Sentimental Can I Be / I’m Dressed Up To Cry (Ballad 1004/1005)
    1954 – Night Train / It’s A Must  (Ballad 1006)
    1955 – Happy / Santa Claus Boogie Song (Ballad 1007)

    Biography :

    By the early 1950's Oscar Douglas Washington was working in St. Louis, Missouri, as a school teacher, guitar player and poet. He collaborated with saxophonist Jimmy Forrest and the composition "Night Train" become a number 1 R&B hit in 1952. Washington wrote many other songs and recorded under the name Faith Douglas. In 1953 he started the small independent Ballad record label. The label released a series of doo-wop singles, which had some regional success.

    The Swans (2)    The Swans (2)

    The first release in mid 1953 was Ballad #1000/1 by The Faith Douglas Trio bb The Swans Quartet "For Dreams Come True". This was followed by "You May Forgive Yourself" b/w "It's A Must " by The Swans on #1002/3. The Swans then recorded "How Sentimental Can I Be " and "I’m Dressed Up To Cry " for #1004/5,  "It's A Must" with "Night Train" for #1006 and the seasonal "Santa Claus Boogie" b/w "Happy" was released as Ballad #1007. When the group Broke up, Leroy Boyer, Walter Harper, and Ernest Washington join the "Rex Middleton's Hi-Fi's."

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

     It’s A Must / Night Train                  For Dreams To Come True / Happy

         It's A Must                              How Sentimental Can I Be

    Santa Claus Boogie Song                   I'm Dressed Up To Cry


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