• The Four Winds (6)  (Bound Brook, New Jersey)
    aka The Brooks Four aka The Teamates (3)
    (By Robert Paladino)


    Personnel :

    Bob Dileo (Lead & Second Tenor)

    Frank Giaretta (First Tenor)

    Frank Delisi (Baritone)

    Bob Paladino (Lead, Bass & Baritone)


    Discography :

    The Brooks Four  
    1962 - I'm Not Good Enough For You / I'll Be Faithful (Sinclair 1007)

    The Four Winds (6)
    1963 - Playgirl / Jennifer (Felsted 8703 /Derby 10022)
    Unreleased :
    1963 - A chance To Live 

    The Teamates (3)
    1964 - Calendar Of Love / I  Say Goodbye (Lemans 006/006)
    Unreleased :
    1964 - Darlene (Lemans)
    1964 - Sadboy (Lemans)


    Biography :

    The Brooks Four was formed in Bound Brook Highschool in 1960.  All four members were Italian/American friends living within 6 blocks of each other, in Bound Brook, New Jersey, USA.  We had 2 Franks (Frank Giaretta 1st Tenor, Frank Delisi, Baritone) and 2 Bob's (Bob Dileo, 2nd Tenor, Lead Singer, Arranger, Songwriter, myself ,Bob Paladino, Bass/Baritone, Lead Singer, Songwirter, ).  Hence our name The Brooks Four!  We practiced alot, realized that our voices blended well, and sang for school talent shows, private parties, etc. We were attracting adults and musicians who recognized that we could sing 4 part harmony.  As teenagers we sang with big bands, (At the Rutgers University Military Ball, we performed alongside the Duke Ellington Band. We performed original songs written by local adult composers, and guest stared with my brothers band in NJ nightclubs.  In 1961, we entered the battle of the groups in New York City hosted by renowned disc-jockey, "Murray The K". We placed in the top 20 finalists singing a 4 part harmony  song called  "It's a blue World", a vocal jazz standard, not a rock'n roll song!

     The Four Winds (6) aka The Teamates (3) aka The Brooks Four

    Bob DiLeo and I composed "I'll Be Faithful" in 1962 and sang it for Vinny Catalano, producer for Sinclair Records.  We recorded for V. Catalano, and that same night he produced "Your my Coney Island Baby", by the Excellents.  They got the hit record, and we did not.  However, Bob DiLeo and I arranged "I'll be faithful" with a great falsetto and harmony introduction, that was cut from the record by V. Catalano, I felt it was a major mistake on his part.  In 1963 we recorded under the name "The Four Winds" for Felsted Records, Jennifer , and Playgirl (written by Mike Paladino, my brother). Playgirl received a red bulllet sure hit potential) by Billboard Magazine in early November, in about 2 weeks Pres.


     The Four Winds (6) aka The Teamates (3) aka The Brooks Four   The Four Winds (6) aka The Teamates (3) aka The Brooks Four
    Vinny Catalano                                                                                                                               

    John F. Kennedy was assasinated, and "the music stopped", and when it resumed, our record was shelved!  In 1964 we recorded for LeMans Records under the name The Teamates. We recorded "Calendar of Love" (on youtube) written by my brother Mike, and "I say Goodbye", written by me.  We did the first live color TV broadcast from the NY Worlds Fair with the Shangrilas, Joe Williams, Ronnie Dove, etc.  We then did The Clay Cole TV Show from NYC with Jimmy Clanton, Gary U.S. Bonds, etc.  Shortly thereafter, we started to play instruments, and get bookings in seaside resorts.  In 1965 we had an audition set up for the Lawrence Welk TV show, and despite this prospect, Bob Dileo decided to try and make it as a solo performer. 

     The Four Winds (6) aka The Teamates (3) aka The Brooks Four

    He had Bob Marcucci, Frankie Avalon & Fabians manager representing him.  He had many opportunities, but to this day, he still performs in local nightclubs.  1n 1968 I wrote, produced and performed on 2 Motown type songs entitled "You don't love Me"and "Where were You" (both on youtube).  The Studio owners were Tony Bongiovi (Jon Bonjovi) uncle, and Tony Camillo.  Tony Camillo arranged the strings/horns for both sides, took my record to Motown, as part of his portfolio of arrangements, and became a " Grammy winner arranger/conductor" for Gladys Knight.  I always hoped that The Brooks Four would reunite!  In 2006, Frank Giaretta passed away!

    Upper left is Bob DiLeo, Upper right is  Bob Paladino
    lower left is Frank Giarett  and lower right is Frank Delisi

    Notes :

    Here are a few notes about Darlene and Sadboy unreleased demos by The Teamates, in 1964.  Both songs were written by Robert Paladino and vocally arrranged by Bob DiLeo of the Teamates.  The demo's were recorded in the same timeline with the released record (Calendar of Love, I Say Goodbye), using the same studio (Stea Phillips, NYC), same music arranger (Charles Calello), same Engineer (Gordon Clark).  It should be noted that the exact same staff and studio were utilized by Frankie Vallie/Four Seasons for most of their long list of hit records in the 1960's.  Listeners may be able to hear a similarity between the style of the Seasons and that of The Teamates on these two selections.  The Teamates on many occasions would perform at Record Hops, or on Television, and would sing Calendar of Love (A Side), and encore with Darlene, instead of I Say Goodbye, which was the released B side of the record.  These songs are made available through an old demo that Robert Paladino kept for the last 46 years.

    A Chance To Live (Unreleased)
    Song written by Tom DeCillis (US Disc Jockey) called "a chance to live".  We recorded this as the Four Winds in 1964 for Nick Massi and Tom DeVito of The Four Seasons.  It was for the Leukemia Foundation and was never released.

    Robert Paladino
               The Brooks Four            




    Songs :

    The Brooks Four 

    I'll Be Faithful (My favorite Doo Wop)     I'm Not Good Enough For You

    The Four Winds (6)

        Jennifer                                        Playgirl                                A Chance To Live

    The Teamates (3)

    Calendar Of Love                        I Say Goodbye

    Darlene                                   Sad Boy




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