• Kelly Troy & The Jays (3) aka The Three Jays (1)  

    James Leggat (Kelly Troy)


    Kelly Troy & The Jays (3) (Georgia, Atlanta )
    aka The Three Jays (1) 


    Personnel :

    James Leggat "Kelly Troy" (Lead)

    Marty Jay

    Marlyn Jay

    Stan Jay


    Discography :

    The Three Jays (1)
    1956 - The Memory Of You / Caught, Caught, Ring-A-Leevio  (RCA Victor 6692)
    1959 - Rosa / Because Of You (Vee Jay 311)

    Kelly Troy
    1960 - Hairlooms / Remember When (Corvette CV 100)

    Kelly Troy & The Three Jays (1)
    1961 - You’re Lucky In Love / In The Still Of The Night  (Tad 101)

    Kelly Troy & The Three Jays (1) (Uncredited)
    1961 - You're Lucky In Love / Rockaway Playland (Tad 102)

    Kelly Troy & The Jays (3)
    1961 - You’re Lucky In Love / In The Still Of The Night (Harvey 102)

    Biography :

    According youtube through members families, James Leggat under the stage name of  Kelly Troy was a Elvis Era rocker (part of the ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ Tour with Brenda Lee and Neil Sedaka) with slicked back hair, killer clothes, ever with one eye on the ladies and the other seeking out the nearest mirror. Songs under his stage name Kelly Troy “In the Still of the Night” and “Lucky In Love” among others. Originally from London, the eldest son of a Scot carpenter from the Highlands and his wife, a housewife from County Carlo, Ireland, James’ Father (and his siblings) was among the last W.W.I.I. refugees processed at Ellis Island. James Leggat saw America as the land of Opportunity. Though getting radio play and other industry notice, the Army, via the draft, brought James Sr. to Georgia where he met his wife, sister to one of his barrack buddies.

    Kelly Troy & The Jays (3) aka The Three Jays (1)      Kelly Troy & The Jays (3) aka The Three Jays (1)

                                                                            James Leggat

    The Three  jays was Marty Jay, Marlyn Jay and Stan Jay, who were billed as the Jays on the Harvey label . In 1956, the 13 year-old Marty Jay and his 10 and 11 year-old Siblings Stan and Marilyn Jay have a first single with "The Memory Of You (Legend Of James Dean)" b/w "Caught, Caught, Ring-A-Leevio (One, Two, Three)" on Rca Victor. Three Years later another disc is released by Vee-Jay Records; "Rosa" b/w "Because Of You", Unfortunately I don't know if it's the same group.

    Songs :

    Kelly Troy & The Three Jays (1)

    You’re Lucky In Love                In The Still Of The Night

    Kelly Troy

    Remember When

    The Three Jays (1)

    Caught, Caught, Ring-A-Leevio




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