• Recording Session with Allen, Goode & Zaphirio

    "J" & the Sabers (2) (Chicago, Il.)

    Personnel :

    Harry "Jay" Allen (Lead)

    Bob Goode

    Pete Zaphirio

    Discography :

    1962 - Little One / Twist Mary Sue (VavRay 1003)

    1962 - Take Me Back (Vavray)
    1962 - Everything (Vavray)

    Biography :

    "J" & the Sabers were a vocal trio from Chicago consisted of Harry "Jay" Allen, Bob Goode, Pete Zaphirio. In 1962, the group did four tunes during Record session at CBS studios: "Little One", "Twist Mary Sue", "Take Me Back" and "Everything".

    (L to R) Bob Goode, Harry "Jay" Allen and Pete Zaphirio with Vavray promotion manager Bob O'Halloran

    The Songs "Little One" / "Twist Mary Sue" are released for VavRay in Chicago. "J" & the Sabers made many appearances at the local area clubs .

    Songs :

    Little One                                       Twist Mary Sue


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