• The Dukes (4)

    Leon Hughes & Bobby Nunn 

    The Dukes (4) (Los Angeles)


    Personnel :

    Bobby Nunn

    Leon Hughes

    Billy Brown

    Andre Goodwin

    Burrell Carpenter


    Discography :

    1959 - Looking For You / Groceries, Sir (Flip 343)
    1959 - Leap Year Cha Cha / I Love You (Flip 345)


    Biography :

    Bobby Nunn was a welterweight boxing champion in the U.S. Air Force. After his discharge in 1947 he moved to Watts, California. He became a member of the A-Sharp Trio with Billy Richards, Roy Richards, and Ty Terrell, and they eventually became The Robins. In 1955, Bobby Nunn and Carl Gardner split from The Robins to become The Coasters with Leon Hughes and Billy Guy.

    The Dukes (4)  

    Bobby Nunn & Leon Hughes

    Bobby Nunn and Leon Hughes stayed in California when the Coasters moved to New York, and recorded with Billy Brown, Andre Goodwin and Burrell Carpenter as The Dukes on Flip in 1959. Goodwin and Carpenter had been members of the West Coast Turbans/Sharptones. Two singles were released "Looking For You" b/w "Groceries, Sir" (Flip #343), and "I Love You" b/w "Leap Year Cha Cha" (Flip #344).

    Songs :

    Looking For You                          Groceries, Sir

    I Love You                               Leap Year Cha Cha

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