• The Fortunes (2) (Los Angeles)

    Personnel :

    Eddie Williams (Lead Tenor)

    Prentice Moreland (First Tenor)

    Ray Brewster (Bariton)

    Don Wyatt (Bass)

    Discography :

    1958 - Tarnished Angel / Who Cares (Decca 30541)
    1958 - How Clever Of You / Trees (Decca 30688)

    Biography :

    When the Aladdins disbanded, their manager, Buck Ram, built a new group around Eddie Williams ; The Fortunes. Don Wyatt was a member of the Fifties vocal groups the Colts (who recorded 'Adorable' on the Vita imprint, 'Sweet Sixteen' on the Plaza imprint and 'Oh, When You Touch Me' for Delco Records). The Colt's featured vocalists were Don Wyatt and Eddie Williams , who had replaced members who had been drafted into the armed forces. Don had also worked with Nat King Cole.

    Prentice Moreland

    Moreland was a member of many vocal groups including The Ink Spots, The Dominoes, The Du Droppers, The Chanteclairs, The Cadets, The Crescendos, The Colts, The Fortunes, The Hollywood Flames, and possibly The Sevilles (the group that had a hit with "Charlena" in 1961)


    Songs :

    Tarnished Angel                      Who Cares     

    How Clever Of You                            Trees         


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