Clockwise from top : Dianne Christian, Shirley Crier, Gale Noble

     The Rosettes (Bronx, New York)
    aka The Darlettes (1)

    Personnel :

    Diane Christian (Lead)

    Gale Noble (Soprano

    Shirley Crier (Alto)

    Discography :

    The Rosettes
    1961 - You Broke My Heart / It Must Be Love (Herald 562)

    Diane Christian & The Darlettes (1)
    1962 - Just You / The Wobble (Dunes 2016)

    The Darlettes (1)
    1963 - Here She Comes / Just You (Dunes 2026)


    Biography :

    The Darlettes consisted of Diane Christian, Gale Noble and Shirley Crier. They all were  from the  the Morrisan section of the Bronx borough of New York City and grew up within a block of each other. Shirley Crier attended Morris High School in the Bronx while Diane Christian and Gale Noble attended Central Commercial In Manhattan. Like the other groups of that time they attended local talent contests.  Shirley's older brother Arthur Crier was already a successful singer songwriter member of the Chimes and the Mallows. Arthur later achieved the most success as the bass in the Halos.

                                                                                                                                 The Halos (Arthur Crier (Front right)     

    So it was only natural that he managed and wrote for the girls. Originally called the Rosettes their first single "You Broke My Heart" was released on the Herald label. Their second "Just You" was credited to Diane and the Darlettes as Diane was the primary lead singer.  Arthur's group the Halo's recorded for Dunes so the girls' second single "Just You" released on that label. "Just You" featured dual leads by Dianne and Shirley.

                  Diane Christian                                                                 1967 - Dianne (Center) with the Liberty Belle

    The third release "Here She Comes" was credited to the Darlettes and was written by Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry, When it was available the Darlettes did some demo work. Most of their promotion was at local clubs and on radio stations. After "Here She Comes" Shirley got married and moved to Texas.Diane continued to record demos and went on to have a solo career. Gale too had a solo career.
    From John Clemente's Girl Groups


    Songs :
     (Update By Hans-Joachim)

    The Rosettes

    You Broke My Heart                         It Must Be Love

    The Darlettes (1)

    Here She Comes                           Just You                                  The Wobble     


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