The Tempo-Tones (Hempstead, NY)





    Richard Lanham (Lead)

    Albert Lanham

    Danny Lanham

    Wallace Lanham

    Steve Stewart

    Birdie Brewster

    Discography :

    Richard Lanham & The Tempo-Tones
    1957 - On Your Radio / Dance Of Love (Acme 712)

    The Tempo-Tones
    1957 - Find Yourself Another Fool / Ride And Off (Acme 702)
    1957 - Get Yourself Another Fool / Ride Along  (Acme 713)
    1957 - In My Dreams / My Boy Sleepy Pete (Acme 715)
    1957 - Come Into My Heart / Somewhere There is Someone (Acme 718)
    1958 - Wishing All The Time / The Day I Met You (Acme 722)

    Nancy Lee bb The Tempo-Tones
    1957 - So They Say / Meet Me At The Crossroads (Acme 711)
    1957 - Daddy-O Mommy-O / You Asked Me Do I Love You (Acme 716)


    Biography :

    In 1957, 12 year old Richard Lanham cut his first single backed by The Tempo-Tones, consisting of his brothers Albert, Danny and Wallace and their friends Steve Stewart and Birdie Brewster. The Tempo-tones met up with William Henry Miller, a&r man for Hull Records and father of the Miller Sisters. William Henry Miller wanted a young singer for one of the songs, and Richard was recommended. The sides were released, in October 1957, on the small Acme label (located at 419 West 44th Street), another outfit that used Miller as an a&r man.


    When "On Your Radio" was first released the label had misspelled Radio as Raido making the first pressing a very rare sought after item in todays collector market. "On Your Radio" and "Get Yourself Another Fool" that started Richard and the Tempo Tones on their tours across the USA. This is when they made their appearances on the American Band Stand and the Allan Freed Show in addition to their performances at the Apollo Theatre. A neighbor of Richard's Nacy Lee, also recorded for the label with the aid of the Tempo-Tones.

    Left to Right : Albert Lanham, Birdie Brewster,Danny Lanham, Steve Stewart and Wallace Lanham

    After that period, Richard Lanham  worked as a background singer in the New York area, at 16 sang at weekends while accompanied by the Miles Davis rhythm section of the time (pianist Wynton Kelly, bassist Paul Chambers and drummer Jimmy Cobb), and became a member of the Inkspots.

    Songs :

    Richard Lanham & The Tempo-Tones

    On Your Radio                                    Dance Of Love

    The Tempo-Tones

    Get Yourself Another Fool            Ride Along                     In My Dreams

    My Boy Sleepy Pete       Come Into My Heart        Somewhere There is Someone

    Wishing All The Time             The Day I Met You

    Nancy Lee & The Tempo-Tones

    So They Say / Meet Me At The Crossroads          You Asked Me Do I Love You / Daddy-O Mommy-O



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