• The Cameos (3) (Spring Valley, New York)

    Personnel :

    Jeff Matles (Tenor)

    Bill Marlin (Tenor)

    Gary Itkin (Bass)

    Diane Schultz (Soprano)

    Discography :

    The Cameos (3)
    1959 - Please Love Me / Shanga-Langa-Ding-Dong (Flagship 115)

    Walt And Joan bb The Cameos (3)
    1959 - Darling I'm Hoping / I'm Sorry For You (My Friend) (Flagship 111/112)

    Tiny Dean & The Cameos (3)
    1960 - Now That Summer Is Over / That's All I Want (Flagship 117/118)

    Biography :

    Vocal group from Spring Valley, this quartet consists of Three Young men and a girl : Jeff Matles, Bill Marlin, Gary Itkin and Diane Schultz. The group recorded at Flagship Records of Ridgewood (New Jersey) two songs "Please Love Me" b/w "Shanga-Langa-Ding-Dong". In 1959, with The release of the Single, their popularity has grown considerably in New York. The Same year at Flagship , they backed Walt And Joan  "Darling I'm Hoping" b/w "I'm Sorry For You (My Friend)" and Tiny Dean  "Now That Summer Is Over" b/w "That's All I Want". Flagship was owned by Vincent and Julia Sardo and Julia's brother, Howard W. Brady, who also recorded for the label.


                                                                                                           Jeff Matles

    Over The Summer 1959, They toured New York state. The stopovers included Rochester, Syracuse, Cornell & Utica. They were so well received in Utica that they were asked for a return engagement. This return show consisted of 30.000 people. They appeared with The Belmonts, The Mystics, Gary Stites and Frankie Ford. Despite some promises to record a new disc on the Flagship label, the band will split before recording their new songs.



    Songs :

          Please Love Me                          Shanga-Langa-Ding-Dong




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