• The Klixs

    The Klixs (Richmond, Ca.)

    Personnel :

    Elvin Bridges

    Richard Scott

    Harold Andrews

    Jim E. Moore

    Discography :

    Single :
    1958 - This Is The End Of Love / It's All Over (Music City 817)
    1959 - Elaine / This Is The End Of Love (Music City 823)
    Unreleased :
    1958 - Oobie Doobie Baby (Music City)
    1959 - He-A-Woe (Music City)
    1959 - Our Love Is Here To Stay (Music City)
    1960 - Bye Bye Louie (Music City)


    Biography :

    The Klixs from Richmond, just north of Berkeley were produced by San Francisco disc jockey Jim Hawthorne. The group's two songwriters, Elvin Bridges and Richard Scott were members, the two other are Harold Andrews and probably Jim E. Moore.  Ray Dobard first released "This Is The End Of Love" as the A side of Music City 817 in April 1958 with "It's All Over" on the flip The master was taped in San Francisco featuring rockabilly guitarist Tyrone Schmidling . Ray Dobard  reissued  "This Is The End Of Love" a year and a half later as the B side to "Elaine". There’s a quartet of unreleased tracks from The Klixs on Music City .  "Oobie Doobie Baby" is the first of four unreleased tracks from The Klixs., an irresistible fusion of rock ’n’ roll and doo wop recorded in 1958. "He-A-Woe" Recorded on 2nd July 1959, it’s a driving, dramatic track that surely influenced surf music. The other two unreleased tracks are  "Our Love Is Here To Stay " from 1959 and The Klixs recorded Bye Bye Louie at a session on 9th August 1960. It’s a doo wop track where hurt and heartbreak shine through.

    Songs :

    This Is The End Of Love                                Elaine               

    It's All Over

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