• The Four Larks (1) (Pittsburgh)

    Personnel :

    Charles "Bud" Polizotto (Lead / First Tenor)

    Alvin "Chuck" Ludovici (Second Tenor)

    Jim Drake (Baritone)

    Don Baron (Bass)

    Discography :

    1954 - Go, Baby, Go / Night And Day (Guyden 707)


    The Four Larks were a short-lived Pittsburgh area group who hailed from the communities of Leetsdale and Swickley formed in 1953 by Jim Drake. The Foursome - ranging in age from 18 to 23 - consisted of Charles "Bud" Polizotto, First Tenor, Alvin "Chuck" Ludovici, Second Tenor, Jim Drake, Baritone/Trombone and Don Baron, Bass.

    Barry Kaye, His Wife & the Four Larks

    Having solidified their four part harmony, the fledging group of chanters approached radio personality Barry Kaye (WJAS…Pittsburgh, PA), at one of his record hops, with a request to vocalize. their impromptu acappella harmonizing impressed Kaye. Soon the Four Larks was being viewed as Kaye's show attraction at his dances. Laking a Mentor, the group enlisted Kaye as their manager. Kaye promptly secured a recording contract with Philadelphia based Guyden Records during the late fall of 1954. In November 1954, the Four Larks' record was issued as Guyden #707.

    Polizotto, Ludovici, Drake & Baron                                                      

     "Go Baby Go" attained a moderate degree of popularity in Pittsburgh through the spins given to Kaye at WJAS. Even though their venture into the entertainment fed was primarily very successful, other undertakings brought about an early demise of the group in 1955. A Pittsburgh Variety group calling themselves the Hi-Lites were using Jim Drake as a rehearsal pianist and arranger. Realizing Drake's vocalizing and arranging abilities, the Hi-Lites invited him to join the group as their Baritone. A name change to the Tempos occurred in 1957 when signed to Kapp Records

    Songs :

    Night And Day                                        Go, Baby, Go



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