• The Shadows (6) ka The Five Shadows
    The Shadows in 1958

    The Shadows (6) (Medford, Oregon)
    aka The Five Shadows


    Personnel :

    Paul Smith (Lead & guitar)

    Bill Smith (Guitar)

    Tom  Newcomb

    Dave Mansfield

    Mike Feiss

    Rick Carrara


    Discography :

    The Five Shadows
    1960 - My Love Bug / Blue Moon (Frosty 1)

    The Shadows (6)
    1960 - Tell This Lonely Heart Goodbye / Wonder Why (Dottie 1006)


    Biography :

    The Shadows were a vocal group with some personal changes throughout their short career between 1958 and 1961. The group formed in 1958 by six Medford boys. Members of the group, all students at St. Mary's high school, are Paul Smith (Lead), Tom Newcomb, Dave Mansfield, Bill Smith, Mike Feiss and Rick Carrara. In the beginning the group performs regularly in Medford and its surroundings. In 1958, they winning the first place in the finals of the Oregon Jaycees' talent contest. The contest was one  of the closing day attractions at the Oregon State fair. Their victory opened the doors to a professional audition with Northwest Recorders in Portland and to make a guest appearance on a Portland television station. This will be the start of their professional career.

    The Shadows (6) ka The Five Shadows    The Shadows (6) ka The Five Shadows

    In 1960, as a quintet, they recorded "Blue Moon" and "My Love Bug" written by Lead Singer Paul Smith. The disc will be released by Frosty Records in 1960 as the 5 Shadows. That same year as a quartet, they recorded "Tell This Lonely Heart Goodbye" and  "Wonder Why" Released by Dottie as The Shadows. The group perform sometimes as a sextet, quintet, quartet and even in trio when Tom Newcomb is down with a broken leg. Appearance credit include Park Hotel, Great Falls Montana, Ho-Ti Club and Hotel Benson at Portland, and at San francisco "Hungry I", "Club Sinaloa", "Facks" and the Forest Lake resort. Paul Smith, Bill Smith & Tom Newcomb will be the three members always present among all the combinations ot The Shadows over the years.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Five Shadows

    Blue Moon / My Love Bug

    The Shadows (6)

                 Wonder Why                       Tell This Lonely Heart Goodbye


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